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Thank you for your interest in advertising on the NGpublish! Our ads are very affordable and Cheap which will help you boost your business.


  1. To place adverts on NGpublish, first you must register a free account.
  2. Get your ad banner designed by a good graphic designer. Your banner must be 318 pixels wide and 106 pixels tall or 300 pixels wide and 250 pixels tall and not more than 100kb in size. It must be in a PNG or JPG format. We can also design ad banner for you for just ₦500 only. (Contact us)
  3. Login to your dashboard and fund your wallet with the the minimum of 3000 by paying with your bank card. You can contact us to manually fund your wallet if you can’t fund it online with your card.
  4. Next Click on Ads-Setup on the menu or in your Dashboard, here you can purchase ads space and setup your ads.

Note: Your ad might not be approved if it’s deceptive, illegal or morally questionable in some way.
Ad banner size on different spot should be maintained else your banner will not be approved. We can design ad banner for you for just ₦500 only.
After your ads is approved, it will start displaying immediately.
Billing takes place every few minutes and you will get detailed reports on unique clicks and views and charges for each ads.

Your ads will display on all pages on NGpublish for the numbers of days you purchased.

Minimum ads placement is ₦3000 for 3 Days

If any of our ads packages does not meet your requirement, you can always Contact us to set up a custom ad for you.

We look forward to doing business with you!

See our estimated ads rate below, to know how much it will cost you to advertise on NGpublish.

318 x 106 BANNER ADS

Display on both Mobile and PC

3 Days: 3000
7 Days: ₦6000
14 Days: ₦11000
30 Days: ₦25000

Rectangle 300 x 250 Banner Ads

Display on both Mobile and PC.

7 Days: ₦3000

14 Days: ₦5000

30 Days: ₦10,000

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