Bribe-Taking Nigerian Police Officer Caught On Camera Short-Changing His Own Colleagues (Video)

bribe-taking officer

The police officer

A yet-to-be-identified Nigerian police officer has been caught on digicam demanding and gathering bribe from a motorist.

The officer, as seen within the four-minute video, went on to mislead his colleagues concerning the quantity he collected from the motorist.

The video has been shared on Fb and Twitter.

The date and site the place the video was filmed remained unknown as on the time of submitting this report.

“Out of the N15,000, if I remove N10,000, how much go come remain? N5,000? No, e no go work?” the person, sporting a police uniform and holding a rifle, is seen within the video arguing with the motorist, utilizing Pidgin English.

“Na wetin wey dey be dat!” the motorist responded, displaying no signal he was keen to supply greater than N15,000.

The motorist is seen within the video holding out a wad of 1,000 naira notes for the officer who’s on the passenger’s seat, moreover the driving force.

The officer fiddled with a cell phone and acted as if he was reluctant to gather the bribe. He momentarily positioned the cellphone to his ear, as if he wished to make a name.

“You know wetin you go do eh?” the officer all of a sudden requested the person, sounding as if he was involved and wished to supply assist.

“This man wey I call, him money na N10,000. The N5,000, na him I go come tell my people? Complete that money N20k, so that….”

The motorist cuts in “Oga, I can’t lie for you. Just consider me, please!”

“Me, I don tell you wetin I suppose tell you,” the officer quipped.

The officer sooner or later within the discount instructed the motorist to decelerate the automotive, he then started to barter a contemporary ‘deal’ on outsmart his fellow cops who had been apparently anticipating the bribe.

“This one, it is a secret I am trying to tell you,” he stated.

“You will bring N10,000 out of this money, give to that guy. You hear me? For there, you go tell them say na N5,000 you give me.”

The motorist counted N10,000 from the cash, gave it to the officer who went on to make a name, apparently to his superior and pleaded with him on behalf of the motorist. He lied within the cellphone dialog that the motorist gave him N5,000.

“How we go do for this guy, e no even get money!” he stated on the cellphone.




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