Coupon Code Vendor Application Form

We are glad you are interested in being a vendor on NGpublish Media. Here you will be given coupon codes to resale and you earn ₦200 per each sale you make of ₦1500.

Being a coupon vendor gives you an edge to earn more, ₦200 for each sale and you are exposed to getting more referrals, which means you will earn more referral commission. But wait, we don’t just accept all people to be vendors, as a Vendor on NGpublish, one most important quality you must have is the ability to promote, so if you are not that referral type this offer is not for you and lastly you must be Regular member or pro member to be a coupon vendor, it is not available for free members.

But before we give out these coupons to you, you need some basic information about you which you will have to provide in the form below. This will help us verify our vendors and build trust among our selves as we are giving out this coupons for free.

  • This should also be the same as your bank account names.

Please not that your information is keep safe with us and will not be disclosed to any third party.