How it works

What is Ngpublish?

Ngpublish is a website designed to put money in the wallets of registered members who take part in its daily activities on the site.


Our affiliate program is a matrix of 2×10. Meaning you only have to refer just 2 people to the site. But wait, you can’t refer? Then don’t worry our system support full spillover and spillunder, meaning the system will still place the required 2 referrals below you.

Recently we discovered that a lot of people dont make much income online due to the fact that they can’t refer and as such making them earn just little income monthly of hard work, So our system has been setup to benefit everone and make sure you make good amount of money.

Affiliate commission: NGpublish uses a matrix system of 2×10.

This means every one is to have just 2 direct referrals under him or her, the next will spillover to your downline.

  1. Level 1: = ₦1000
  2. Level 2: = ₦1600
  3. Level 3: = ₦2000
  4. Level 4: = ₦4500
  5. Level 5: = ₦9000
  6. Level 6: = ₦18,000
  7. Level 7: = ₦36,000
  8. Level 8: = ₦72,000
  9. Level 9 = ₦144,000
  10. Level 10 = ₦345,600

Total: ₦633,700

After you finish the Level 10, you start afresh from level 1 again.

This program was designed to help you Make Money Online, Real Fast and Simple. Even if you are not good at sponsoring others, you will be able to earn with NGpublish.

Here is why our affiliate program is best for everybody.

  • Everyone joining NGpublish must earn affiliate commission.
  • Even if you can’t refer people, you will still earn affiliate .commission (Referral not compulsory).
  • Full spillover and spill-under.
  • Everyone must upgrade through someone. (no direct upgrading without using someones link or username).
  • Fastest Payout of affiliate commission (Daily).
  • Lowest withdrawal Limit (₦1000).

Monthly Revenue Sharing: Here you earn base on the activities you carry out on the site on a daily basis and we reward you with points which are converted to money at 10 points to ₦1. The activities are listed below.

Activity earning

  1. Registration Bonus: 1000 points (Onetime)
  2. Daily Login : 100 points (Daily)
  3. Create forum Topic: 100 points (1 Topic daily)
  4. Reply to forum Topics: 15 points (limit 20 topics daily)
  5. Sharing of Posts: 20 points (5 post daily)
  6. Viewing of Post: 10 points ( you will be credited for 100 views perday only)
  7. React to a post: 5 points ( you will be credited for reacting to 40 post daily).
  8. Sponsored post: 200 points.

Total: 2000 points daily.

Point Conversion

Conversion Rate:  10 points = ₦1

50,000 points = ₦5000

The minimum withdrawal for points is $10 which is just ₦3000.

Conversation is $1 to 300 for international users.

Membership plans and upgrad fee.

Free Membership: Free + 1000 free points (you can earn points and perform other activities on the site but you won’t be paid).

Regular Membership Nigeria: ₦1500 + 10,000 free points ( you can perform all activities on the site and get paid).

Minimum Withdrawal

Our minimum withdrawal for points earnings is (₦5000) paid monthly.

While minimum withdrawal for affiliate earnings is (₦1000) Paid daily.

You can withdraw through bank and PayPal.

Registration: Click on the button below to register your account, note that you must be referred by someone before you can be able to upgrade your account, if you can’t find a referral, CLICK HERE to get one in our whatsapp group or our FACEBOOK GROUP HERE.