How To Transfer Referral Earnings To Wallet

Transferring referral earnings to wallet is easy and its automated, its all depends on you when you want to transfer it to your wallet and withdraw.

Note: When you have referral earnings, you cannot transfer it to your wallet until it has been released and available for transfer. This process is automated and referral earnings are been released on 5th, 10th, 20th, and 30th of every month. Once you have referral earnings between these days, it will be automatically released. Once you visit the transfer page, you will be able to see your complete referral balance ready for transfer to wallet.

Below are steps to transfer your referral earnings to wallet.

Step1: Make sure your referral earnings has been cleared in your dashboard and its ready for transfer to wallet.

Click on Transfer in your dashboard, next click on Transfer Referral Earnings to Wallet

Step2: On the next page scroll down and enter the available amount with a minimum of N500 and a maximum of your available amount and click on add to wallet.

Step3: Scroll down a bit, you will see a message like You have an account balance of available amount Would you like to use it now? Then click on Apply

The page will reload and you will get a message saying Coupon code applied successfully.

Next fill in your names, phone number, email. Scroll down and click on Complete Transaction.

Wait few seconds for it to process, once successful, your wallet will be funded instantly.