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Welcome to NGpublish Membership, a membership system design for people who wants to make money online browsing through the internet, NGpublish membership system starts earning you money immediately you register and become a member. You can participate in this program working from home. 


NGPublish media membership was launched in 2019 which runs an affiliate system for those who wants to earn online plus an advertiser. As an advertiser, you can promote your business and get more exposure and potential buyers.


As an affiliate member, you earn by


  1. Registering an account: It takes less than 1 minutes to register and account to get started, after which you will subscribe to one of our membership plans to start earning.
  2. View posts (10-20 daily only): Posts are allocated to you to view daily, for each post you view you earn depending on your membership plan.
  3. Share posts (1-5 daily only): Share atleast 1 post to Facbook media daily and earn depending on your membership plan.
  4. Earn and withdraw your earnings weekly, or monthly: For each post you view and share you earn real money and withdraw to your bank account or Paypal instantly.


As an advertiser: Register an account, post your ads and reach thousand and millions of people.


See Our Premium Membership Plans Below



Bronze Membership

Daily Earnings: ₦215

14Days Interest: ₦2000

Referral Bonus: ₦200

Total Payout: ₦3000

Plan Duration: 14Days

Withdrawal: Bank/PayPal



Silver Membership

Daily Earnings: ₦643

7Days Interest: ₦2000

Referral Bonus: ₦500

Total Payout: ₦4500

Plan Duration: 7Days

Withdrawal: Bank/PayPal



Gold Membership (hot!!)

Daily Earnings: ₦500

30Days Interest: ₦10,000

Referral Bonus: ₦1000

Total Payout: ₦15,000

Plan Duration: 30Days

Withdrawal: Bank/PayPal

Must I Subscribe Or Pay To Start Earning?

Yes, you need to pay or subscribe to a membership fee to get started, this is because a lot people won’t be serious with the business if it’s free not when it also involves a little work. We put up this to make sure we get desired results for our advertisers and help us generate much revenue to pay up accumulated earnings. We don’t want lazy people on our platform so you must pay a membership fee.

Okay, So How Do I Get Started?

Simply click on Subscribe, register a free account. Go to your dashboard and click on next fund your wallet with the desired amount you wish to subscribe to by paying online through paystack or contact any of our agents to fund your wallet for you by making a direct bank transfer. Once your wallet is funded, click on “Upgrade your membership plan in your dashboard and proceed to make payment with your wallet funds and your account will be activated instantly.

After subscribing by making payment what next?

Login to your dashboard, click on “sponsored content” and follow the instructions there to start earning.

Is it A Must To Refer People?

No referral is totally optional. Referring friends will only get you additional money plus rewards.

Okay But I Want To Refer My Friends Too

This is absolutely great if you do, you will be rewarded with extra referral bonus plus great offers like cash prize and smart phones.

Can I Trust You On Paying All My Earnings?

You have worked for your money and you really deserved to be paid, if you have ventured into other online income site and have not been paid, ours is different, we pay our members what they earn and we really work hard to make sure we archive this to keep every member smiling plus our reputation clean.

If I Request Withdrawal, How Fast will I Be Paid?

Our payments are really fast once you have reach the minimum threshold and request withdrawal, you will get your money 5mins. In some cases when we face network issues It might take upto 24hrs at most.

Over 1000 People join daily and are Cashing out, They can’t be wrong.

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