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At a discourse of this nature, one would have anticipated an skilled within the area of Environmental Science and associated fields because the Visitor Speaker. Nonetheless, the choice to have interaction any person like me (a generalist) by the College is, most likely to permit all of us on this corridor to work together and collectively navigate via the waters of basic information and berth at a protected habour collectively utilizing conventional method as our paddle. It’s subsequently essential for me to state that, you shouldn’t anticipate the form of presentation which an expert would ship. Nonetheless, from the overall information, we will have the ability to generate additional research which might make us richer in scope and notion.

It’s on this notice that I exploit this event to congratulate the College of Engineering and Environmental Sciences UNIOSUN on the primary Worldwide Convention the place I’m the primary Visitor Lecturer. It’s my prayer and hope that the College will hold the flag flying and maintain the steam in larger dimensions within the years forward.

It’s pure that humanity will proceed to generate wastes from most actions, the amount of which tends to extend with rising productiveness and financial growth. What’s essential is the power to reduce the technology of such wastes, and as a lot as potential promote useful resource conversion by discovering the usefulness for these wastes by the use of refuse, recycling, recuperate or restore. That is higher achieved via efficient stakeholders’ collaboration or engagement particularly conventional establishments (NESREA, 2014).

Our world is in severe problem right this moment. Even majority of people on the floor of the earth are both not acutely aware of the palpable risks or just recalcitrant tenants whose private pursuits outweigh the collective good of all. The consequence of that is what we are witnessing right this moment. Our actions are having dire penalties on our surroundings a lot in order that our world is being threatened significantly.

It’s subsequently apposite to repeatedly have interaction ourselves within the space of consciousness and try to make everybody responsive and accountable in order that we won’t destroy our world.

Based on the 21st Century Chambers Dictionary, “Environment” means “our surroundings or conditions which something or someone exists”. In the identical vein, the identical dictionary describes “Tradition” as a doctrine, perception, customized, story and many others that’s handed on from technology to technology particularly orally or by instance. Taking our standpoint from these key phrases, we can transfer additional to deal with the basics of this discourse. Though the establishments which are thought-about conventional are nebulous, we will restrict our dialogue to the establishment of kings (Conventional rulers). On this regard, as a result of the establishment is the pivot upon which different parts at that stage revolves round and which determines the destiny of others. We’ll use this core establishment to deal with conventional establishments. It’s trite to state that what’s considered conventional establishment differ from one society or nation to the opposite. At any fee there is no such thing as a society with out conventional establishments. Therefore the idea is all encompassing.

Conventional information – the knowledge, information and practices of indigenous individuals gained over time via expertise and orally handed on from technology to technology – has over time performed a big half in fixing issues, together with issues associated to local weather change and variability. Indigenous folks that stay near pure sources typically observe the actions round them and are the primary to establish and adapt to any modifications. The looks of sure birds, mating of sure animals and flowering of sure crops are all essential alerts of modifications in time and seasons which are effectively understood in conventional information methods. Indigenous individuals have used biodiversity as a buffer in opposition to variation, change and disaster; within the face of plague, if one crop fails, one other will survive (Salick and Byg, 2007). In dealing with danger as a consequence of extreme or low rainfall, drought and crop failure, some conventional individuals develop many alternative crops and varieties with completely different susceptibility to drought and floods and complement these by searching, fishing and gathering wild meals crops. The variety of crops and meals sources is usually matched by the same variety in location of fields, as a security measure to make sure that within the face of utmost climate some fields will survive to provide harvestable crops (Gyampoh et al, 2008).

Pure useful resource administration points in growing nations particularly Nigeria are more and more imitating western fashions, whereas the contribution of indigenous cultures and establishments are sometimes ignored (Fairhead and Leach, 2004). It has grow to be more and more clear that conventional establishments, a age-longed pure heritage are extra viable and sustained options for pure useful resource administration and as such have to be preserved if the drastic lack of organic and cultural variety is to be restrained and regeneration is to be inspired (Pillien and Walpole, 2001; AZTREC, 1997; Marglin, 1990).

Scientifically, man and the crops are just like the Siamese twins. The reference to man on this sense contains animals, birds and many others which inhabit the floor of the earth.

Based on science, man makes use of the oxygen which the crops emit whereas the crops make use of the carbon dioxide, a waste which man in flip breathe out in a symbiotic method.

A great way of understanding this easy science is the coolness which we typically expertise sitting underneath timber or the place crops exist. A conservative experiment has equally been historically carried out on crops and human well being. The varsity of thought believes that when you could have crops in your room, you’ll hardly fall sick. This attests to the usefulness of crops to human life.

We might wish to ask, the destiny of different creatures like bugs who stay beneath the earth floor. Nature has offered for his or her respiration wants in accordance with their habitation. It is sort of a chain which is unbroken.

As for crops, they develop as nature has made provision for them on land, waterways, in swamps, on hills and typically on sudden surfaces.

Aside from the connection earlier espoused, crops serve medicinal worth for man and defend man from extinction which can be occasioned by sickness.

Aside from man and crops, different pure phenomena just like the solar, the celebrities, land, air, darkness and particularly water are nature’s provision for man with out which man’s life can be enervating. Additionally essential are Rivers and Seas which give a linkage between man and the Aquatic lives apart from different makes use of which man make of those pure endowments.

It’s subsequently trite to state that man can not survive with out the pure endowments which God Almighty has put in place. One might nonetheless not be too positive if the crops can survive with out man. It’s on this premise that environmentalists have at all times been advocating good synergy between the flora and the fauna. Yearly the United Nations and different organizations have been advocating conducive ecosystem, safety of our surroundings, good and efficient waste disposal, stoppage or management of harmful emission and the likes.

The clarion calls go on at the same time as majority care much less in regards to the risks forward. To them, it’s everybody and no person’s enterprise.

Though Wikipedia describes Conventional Atmosphere as such which entails animals, crops and biophysical traits of our environment via house and time, it’s apposite that we study our environment, yesterday, right this moment and mission into what our surroundings might grow to be within the foreseeable future given the current state of affairs.

From the perspective of custom and in our native surroundings, respect for our surroundings via mores, taboos and norms. Non secular attachment given to some rivers, streams and Rivulets, make dropping impurities taboo in them. Even a few of these rivers are deified in some communities. Apart from, some forests are considered sacred and you can not hunt for video games in them.

Throughout the conventional setting, you aren’t allowed to sit down on mortar due to the god of thunder (due to Hygiene). That is ostensibly to stop impurities into the pounded yam which the mortar, is used for. Some sections of Yorubaland have it as taboo to eat snakes due to conservation whereas some others are prevented by their mores from fishing in some rivers, to advertise conservation and sustainability.

With a view to management abuse of surroundings, in addition to conservation of vital ecosystem sources, our conventional establishments improvise and adopted conventional mechanisms which hitherto stay potent within the total administration of our quick depleting pure sources. Nonetheless, I noticed it was a few of these historic applied sciences (e.g) Sacred forest idea and many others) that had been later developed via researches and coordinated efforts of United Nations Atmosphere Program (UNEP), and there developed the idea of REDD and REDD+. These two devices are Clear Improvement Mechanisms developed by UNFCCC to fight World warming, a serious phenomenon of Local weather Change. (Google)

Nonetheless, REDD refers to Lowering Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation; REDD+ refers to conservation of forest carbon shares, sustainable administration of forests, and enhancement of forest carbon shares

Plenty of worth is hooked up to the surroundings particularly crops which function sources for medication which the standard docs use for healing functions. Safety of crops is subsequently preservation of medication used as remedy for our illnesses.

As a result of technology of waste is as outdated as human existence, in Nigeria, dump websites had been established in trekable distances from the city/metropolis facilities and the websites had been typically saved clear by the communities. Nonetheless, growth quickly made the dump websites a part of the city facilities.

Though there have been no bathrooms, individuals had been urged to make use of cutlass to dig. Excreta handed had been lined up after use.

On water for consuming, streams, brooks and rivers had been used. Individuals are prevented from making the waters impure via throwing of dirts inside it regardless that there was the widespread saying that rivers dirts don’t kill (egbin odo kii pani).

Due to the extent of socio-economic growth and inhabitants determine, urbanization was restricted whereas the approach to life of the individuals had been largely natural. Family wares had been product of clay, calabash or leaves in contrast to right this moment the place majority of family wares are inorganic. Even when used gadgets are dumped on the designated websites, they decompose and are turned to manure.

No damage is completed to the surroundings. There existed nearly an ideal synergy between man and his surroundings. The homes then had been of thatched roof whereas leaves of elephant grass, oil palm leaves and others had been excellent mixture with nature. The beds had been product of Rafia palm whereas garments had been regionally weaved with regionally grown cotton.

There have been no threats of air pollution or harmful emission of crops. The connection with the local weather was convivial. This was the standard setting earlier than we embrace the so known as modernization in our Yoruba society.

Due largely to the 19th Century Industrial Revolution in Europe, the approaching of the white males on buying and selling expedition and later colonization in Nigeria we embraced the “new products” “hook line and sinker” and our life began on a journey which is at the moment shaking our surroundings and turning issues round.

Agriculture which is the mainstay of economic system of Nigeria and Yoruba Nation particularly is bedevil led by the phenomenon of Local weather Change as it’s evident in irregularities in rainfall sample when evaluate with our local weather situations within the final thirty years. This was on account of collapse of our vital ecosystems. Wetlands and Watersheds, which function carbon sinks, in addition to prevention of floods and erosion. These pure endowment that are finest protected underneath the watchful eyes of conventional establishments have been severely degraded by our unsustainable infrastructural growth approaches.

Researches have proven that various nations in Africa already face semi-arid situations that make agriculture difficult, and local weather change will likely be prone to cut back the size of rising seasons in addition to drive massive areas of marginal agriculture out of manufacturing. Projected discount in yield in some nations could possibly be as a lot as 50% by 2020, and crop internet revenues may fall by as a lot as 90% by 2100, with small scale farmers being probably the most affected. This could adversely have an effect on meals safety within the continent (CASF – India, 2011). With the upsurge in rainfall the Meals and Agricultural Group (FAO) lately predicted about 20m individuals might face severe meals scarcity in 2020 in Nigeria.

Among the modifications witnessed inside the previous two centuries are;

(I) Upsurge in using metallic objects for family and different wants. These merchandise don’t decay rapidly and are miles away from being a good friend to our surroundings.

(II) Introduction and huge scale use of polypropylene merchandise (Nylon, plastic baggage, plastic bottles, artificial and different petro-chemical merchandise) as in opposition to the natural supplies which had been conventional to us.

(III) Improve in manufacturing {of electrical} and digital home equipment which frequently grow to be humongous waste as soon as fully spoilt.

(IV) Dumping of refuse that can’t simply decompose which frequently result in enormous dump-sites inside cities and metropolis facilities.

(V) Abandonment of our conventional establishments, family utensils, mores and values and the implications of the abandonment, on our morality, worth system and environmental disaster.

(VI) Blocking of drainages and River channels by the plastic and polythene baggage thereby inflicting severe environmental challenges, flooding, and lack of lives and properties.

(VII) Indiscriminate Tree felling, bush burning, land degradation as a consequence of huge mineral exploitation, quarrying and varied human actions leading to full alteration of the ecosystem.

(VIII) Different actions of man depleting the ecosystem embrace industrial emissions which is quick warming our surroundings and rising the penetration of warmth from the solar to the floor of the earth thereby rising world temperature and depleting the ozone layer.

(IX) Desertification is one other problem confronting humanity and our survival. Many pure lakes have shrinked tremendously. Our personal Lake Chad is now 2/Three of what it was 50 years in the past. The Sahara desert is rising by about 10km each year whereas the resultant results embrace the Herdsmen/farmers clashes in lots of elements of Nigeria on grazing of cattle.

(X) Reclamation of elements of current Rivers, seas and Lakes oftentimes result in flooding of buildings put up within the space. In spite of everything, water will discover its stage.

(XI) Improve in annual Rainfall via pure prevalence has devastation results on man and his surroundings. There are incidences of flooding and the resultant results on transportation whereas carelessness typically leads to bush burning and destruction of properties in numerous dimensions.

(XII) Different actions of man embrace oil spillage and fuel flaring in oil producing areas and devastating results on the surroundings.

Aside from the spillage occasioned by burst pipes and different unintentional occurrences, saboteurs additionally perform such heinous crimes in opposition to the surroundings having calamitous results on the aquatic animals.

(XIII) Improve in manufacturing of cars and different metallic merchandise.

(XI) Nowadays, reasonably than manually weeding our environment and farms, using herbicides have performed a number of harm to animals bugs and crops a lot in order that many of those creatures are in extinction.

There’s a clever saying that;
“Man does not die. He kills himself”.
It is a very apt description of man’s present actions on the earth floor.

How else can one describe a scenario whereby highly effective nations are day by day stockpiling arms and ammunitions, standard and non-conventional together with biogases, weapons of mass destruction and many others which can stifle breath and exterminate thousands and thousands inside minutes? The race to overcome the world is on. The event creates palpable fears in discerning minds and the meek pray in opposition to Armageddon.

As expertise is dynamic, so are thought as to how you can cut back use of fossil oil globally. Ideas are generated on biofuel, electrical automobiles, wind and photo voltaic energies as options to carbon associated vitality.

Right now, even in distant areas of Yorubaland, many individuals now use Liquefied Pure Fuel as in opposition to wooden and charcoal which had at all times been the norm. Folks are actually getting extra consciousness and the sport might change prior to later.

Based on the United Nations, there are 17 sustainable objectives that are;

Objective 1 – Poverty
Objective 2 – Zero Starvation
Objective 3 – Good Well being and effectively being
Objective 4 – High quality Training
Objective 5 – Gender Equality
Objective 6 – Clear Water and Sanitation
Objective 7 – Inexpensive and Clear Power
Objective 8 – First rate Work and Financial progress
Objective 9 – Trade Innovation and Infrastructure
Objective 10 – Diminished Inequality
Objective 11 – Sustainable Cities and Communities
Objective 12 – Accountable Consumption and Manufacturing
Objective 13 – Local weather Motion
Objective 14 – Life under Water
Objective 15 – Life on Land
Objective 16 – Peace and Justice Establishments
Objective 17 – Partnerships to attain the Objective.
If our world will likely be conducive, there may be the necessity to handle all of the vital objectives set out with emphasis on human actions that are inflicting local weather change and the results on different set out objectives. In doing this the standard establishments must be concerned.

At this junction, I’ve to commend the State of Osun Environmental Sector’s ambitions to attain a ‘CLEAN HEALTHY and GREEN ENVIRONMENT’ via the formulation of State Coverage 2019-2021 Medium Time period Sector Technique (MTSS). I urge the State Authorities to look into the roles the Conventional Establishments can play in reaching sustainable surroundings administration system within the state.

Basically the United Nations Imaginative and prescient 2030 timeline for higher Local weather, Motion, requires that each one stakeholders would step up motion to stave off all human actions which can deliver our planet to its knees. Basically, all conventional rulers particularly in Nigeria have to be carried alongside and mobilized to make use of all recognized conventional establishments and strategies to attain the purpose.

With a view to reverse the ugly development of human damaging actions and the results on our surroundings, I wish to recommend the next conventional and trendy approaches:

We should always return to using natural family utensils as in opposition to metals, plastics and polypropylene product. Gadgets resembling regionally made pots; plates and many others (isaasun, amu, igbako and many others) must be re launched.

We should always imbibe the tradition of planting of at the very least a tree in each family yearly. This enhances carbon sequestration, beautification, aesthetic and water cycle of our numerous communities.

Correct disposal of our wastes must be domesticated with our conventional rulers, market women and men in addition to Baales included within the marketing campaign, and in execution of set out insurance policies.

The marketing campaign in opposition to open defecation must be stepped up with conventional rulers enjoying pivotal roles. The efforts of the primary Girl State of Osun Her Excellency, Alhaja Kafayat Oyetola is very counseled for her rigorous marketing campaign in opposition to open defecation within the State of Osun.

Botanical Gardens must be established in each conventional district in order to avoid wasting our wealthy and potent crops from extinction.

Conventional Establishments must be totally concerned within the implementation of Nationwide Environmental (Entry to Genetic Sources and Profit Sharing) Rules 2011 for total betterment of our neighborhood and our individuals.

Environmental Influence Evaluation (E.I.A) Act must be reviewed to permit the standard Establishments be totally concerned in course of particularly these mission that domicile of their numerous jurisdictions.

Authorities Establishments that concerned within the administration of surroundings must be mandated to contain Conventional Establishments within the consciousness creations and different key resolution making because it impacts their numerous communities.

Whereas efforts really helpful on the re-introducing natural family supplies are on, Nigeria ought to search for one of the best disposal methodology for all plastic and polypropylene merchandise, to be able to free our society of the rising menace of plastics and nylon

Drainage channels, river programs and dams must be cleared and desilted to accommodate extra water and forestall catastrophes, lack of lives and properties. Each area people should play roles on this regard.

Tree and shrubs planting must be given larger consideration. The Afforestation mission ought to kind one of many cardinal programmes of the United Nations. All member states ought to signal a treaty on aforestation and safety of our ecosystem.

All problems with air pollution, oil spillage and fuel flaring will need to have terminal dates, which have to be religiously adopted and erring states sanctioned by the Worldwide physique.

The partial success of using conventional information in dealing with local weather change results in conclusion {that a} wholesome relationship between scientific information and conventional or indigenous information – which each have their limitations – is fascinating, particularly in growing nations the place expertise for prediction and modeling is least developed. Whereas most precipitation fashions and data primarily deal with altering quantities of precipitation, indigenous individuals additionally emphasize modifications within the regularity, size, depth and timing of precipitation. Whether or not or not scientific fashions are integrated into native explanations depends upon the standing and accessibility of science inside a tradition and on the affect of the communications media (Salick and Dyg. 2007).

To capitalize on, develop, increase and mainstream indigenous adaptation measures into world adaptation methods, conventional information must be additional studied, supported and built-in into scientific analysis. Incorporating indigenous information is inexpensive than bringing in support for populations unprepared for catastrophes and catastrophe, or than importing adaptive measures that are normally launched in a top-down method and tough to implement, notably due to monetary and institutional constraints.

There’s a lot to study from indigenous, conventional and community-based approaches to pure catastrophe preparedness. Indigenous individuals have been confronted with altering environments for millennia and have developed a wide selection of coping methods, and their conventional information and practices present an essential foundation for going through the even larger challenges of local weather change. Though their methods might not succeed fully, they’re efficient to some extent and that’s the reason the individuals proceed to make use of them. Whereas indigenous communities will undoubtedly want a lot help to adapt to local weather change, in addition they have experience to supply in coping via conventional time-tested mechanisms.

As a result of human beings have moved from easy life to complicated lifestyle; from strict custom to modernization; from natural to inorganic; from peace in our surroundings to the disruption that we are witnessing. Now we have altered our world via our actions and thru man’s need to pursue the ambition of conquering the world. It is a mirage.

In Nigeria, and certainly across the equator the world over, there may be upsurge within the quantity of rainfall. In Nigeria, there may be a number of devastation a lot in order that many roads have been off whereas Rivers and sea ranges have risen tremendously. Many residents have been rendered homeless whereas properties price thousands and thousands of naira have been destroyed.

Incidences of mudslides have been witnessed in lots of elements of the nation due largely to heavy rains. That is the month of November and rains are nonetheless heavy as if it had been the months of July and August, ostensibly as a consequence of World warming.

Right now, our world is being threatened by man’s actions. We’d like retrace our steps backward; have a look at what’s golden in our conventional establishments which we have deserted and try to make our world higher for us.


Disclaimer: “The views/contents expressed on this article are the only real accountability of Oba Rasheed Ayotunde Olabomi  and don’t essentially replicate these of The Nigerian Voice. The Nigerian Voice won’t be accountable or answerable for any inaccurate or incorrect statements contained on this article.”

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